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GSe7 Control


GSe7 Control is a MaxForLive device for Ableton Live providing advanced control over Gs Music's GS e7 Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer. Beyond basic control this device provides tight integration with Ableton Live and opens up the possibility to expand the capabilities of the Gse7 by exposing additional parameters, making it possible to add additional control modulation sources and providing a configurable parameter randomization module. The device is mapped to both send and receive midi to and from the GSe7.



- Control of all midi mappable parameters.

- All controls mapped for both output and input.

- Gives access to additional parameters not available on the hardware.

- Standard and MPE versions included.

- Full Theme and Push Support (tested on Push2 only)

- Configurable parameter randomization module (click the R icon to expand). The module separates randomization into 16 groups of parameters. Click the button with the parameter group name to randomize just that specific group of parameters. To randomize more than one group at the same time select the groups by clicking the square icons next to the each group then click the button labeled Selected.

- Save presets for the Gse7 as Ableton Live presets. To load the preset to the Gse7 make sure the MIDI channel in Live is set to send MIDI to the Gse7 before loading the Ableton preset to the channel.


For more info about the GS e7 visit:

10-15-2023 - v1.0 Release

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Zip containing standard and MPE versions of the GSe7 MaxForLive device

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GSe7 Control

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