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MIDI PC Mapper


MIDI PC Mapper is a simple Max For Live device which allows you to accept an incoming MIDI Program Change message and map it's value to any mappable parameter in Live.

Example use case:

While there are many uses for this my immediate need for creating this is to allow me to map MIDI Program Change messages received from my Roli Seaboard Rise 2 to the Chain Selector in a rack. This allows me to structure racks in a way which resembles changing presets on my synths and I can match and recall sets of settings across hardware and software by pressing the program change button on my Seaboard.

ie: If my controller sends midi program change message 49 all my gear will jump to preset slot 49 and the Chain Selector in my Live racks will jump to 49 simultaneously activating the chains that are assigned to that slot on the chain and bypassing all other chains.

So far I have mostly used it with MIDI Effect Racks, in order to recall chains of MIDI Effects which manipulate patch layering, note splits, ranges, midi filtering and MPE control curves across multiple MPE capable hardware synths. These racks consist of MIDI devices such as Pitch, Scale, MPE Control, MIDI Filter and External instrument devices for each piece of hardware I am controlling from the single controller. This allows me to customize how each hardware synth responds to my single Seaboard, as well as splitting which notes route to each synth... including some layering at custom intervals. I am also passing the MIDI program change messages to some effects pedals within the racks as well. This often involves racks within racks. With the top level rack acting as the chain/rack selector that is responding to the MIDI Program Change messages and selecting the chains containing my midi processing racks with different settings.

In a performance context, my groups of patches/racks/settings for each song will be organized sequentially, then in between songs I can simply press the program change button up on my seaboard to immediately recall my next set of patches/racks/settings across both hardware and Live for the next song. In this current setup I am simply using Ableton Live as an advanced MIDI manipulation processor while all audio is being done with hardware synths and effects.

I am sure in time I will use this device to take the same approach with audio FX and Instrument racks within Live. Lot's of potential here.

This of course can apply to any external hardware controller that can send MIDI Program Change messages and is not MPE specific.

I've included Min/Max range selectors for the mapping. Just a note that adjusting these will scale the output and of course alter the output value compared to the input value. For my current setup described above I wouldn't want to adjust these. But I included them as I can see future use cases where I may want to scale the output values differently. I then included an input display so it's always clear what program change message number is being received from my controller.

Here is what one of those racks I'm currently working with look like. Get in touch if you have any questions or want more information.

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MIDI PC Mapper

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