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Polyend Tracker Control


PE Tracker Control is a Max For Live device for Ableton Live providing advanced control of Polyend’s Tracker and Tracker Mini workstations. By providing precise control and a highly configurable randomization engine PE Tracker Control opens radical new possibilities by extending the Tracker’s capabilities.

Features & Tips:

- Provides precise control, randomization, automation and modulation of Tracker and Tracker Mini’s Patterns, Effects and Mixer.

- Controlled randomization of Patterns, FX and Mixer.

- Control all parameters from Ableton Push (only tested on Push 2 so far).

- Randomize each parameters individually or as a group with custom selection of each.

- Set range of all control and randomizations.

- Control sets of parameters or individual parameters.

- Global and per section sync buttons.

- Resync parameters settings by section or globally. Useful when exiting and entering perform mode.

- Mix and match different patterns on each, including patterns of different lengths.

- Select all or small smaller subsets of parameters to apply control over simultaneously.

- Reset buttons to quickly initlize range settings.

- Configured with full theme support.

- 2 expand/collapse points.

Tracker Config Pre-Requisite Settings

- Set these to the appropriate settings depending on how you are sending MIDI from Live to your Tracker.

- Config > MIDI > CC In

- Config > MIDI > CC in channel

Place PE Tracker Control.amxd device on a MIDI Channel in Live. Set the MIDI channel to send MIDI to Tracker.

Tracker must be in perform mode to control patterns and FX parameters.

Sync buttons will allow you to resync the devices parameters when re-entering perform mode.

Requires Ableton Live 11 Suite or Standard w/MaxForLive

10-27-2023- v1.0 Initial Release


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Polyend Tracker Control

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