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Polyend Tracker Pattern Changer


Control & automate pattern changes on the Polyend Tracker & Tracker Mini from Ableton Live. Simple device to solve a simple challenge.

Free lite version of my PE Tracker Control device which provides a wealth of control and configurable randomization options for the Polyend Tracker & Tracker Mini.

Tracker Config Pre-Requisite Settings

- Set these to the appropriate settings depending on how you are sending MIDI from Live to your Tracker.

- Config > MIDI > CC In

- Config > MIDI > CC in channel

Place PE Tracker Pattern Changer.amxd device on a MIDI Channel in Live. Set the MIDI channel to send MIDI to Tracker.

Tracker must be in perform mode to control patterns .

Requires Ableton Live 11 Suite or Standard w/MaxForLive

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Polyend Tracker Pattern Changer

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